Many health conscious entrepreneurs are so busy trying to shed the physical pounds from their personal weight that they may be guilty of overlooking the benefits to the health of their business by shedding weight from their websites. For the last 10 years, business owners and web developers have been following the advise of SEO’s around the world who claim that content is king and that the more content built for a website – the better.

More recently however, the top companies offering SEO services in London like SearchButlers  have been seeing far higher success rates through strategies that adopt a honing and toning approach to their website content. According to Sean Butler, head of SearchButlers, it is common practice amongst his team to actually spend the vast majority of their time in the early stages of a campaign, analyzing a websites content portfolio and internal linking structure only to find that what is spread thinly across several hundred pages could actually be condensed into thicker, fuller and more developed pillars that only require between 20-30% of the page count. The benefits of this approach are plentiful to both the visitor and the business that the website belongs too.

Firstly the visitor doesn’t have to go searching though often poorly structured websites for the next logical area of conversation on a category or topic but instead can stay in one place and devour more of a conversation that starts at one FAQ and progresses through logical stages. Secondly, the dilution of page authority that exists when a website links off to multiple areas of a website is no longer present. For ever internal link on a page, whether follow or no-follow based, the total authority attached to that page is divided equally. For those reasons in simple terms if you have a  website that has a DA of 50 and the website has 100 pages that all equally link off of the home page with no internal linking, then each internal page would receive 0.5 points of authority. If you could cram those 100 pages into 10 then the authority transferred would be closer to 5 points each which inevitable would gain more R.E.S.P.E.C.T from Google and help your websites message be sung from a higher place, just like Aretha. The moral of the story; Lose the weight, like Aretha in both body, mind and digital entity!

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