Empowering Women

It is very important to empower some souls that have been reprimanded of the basic things in life. It can be boys and girls as well. In this article, I will provide a list of things that can be done in order to empower women across the planet.

–    You should provide free water everywhere. Water is the most basic necessity for us humans; we would not even exist if it weren’t for the presence of water on the planet. Scientists evaluate extra-terrestrial bodies and planets by seeing if they have any traces of water on them. By providing clean and drinkable water, you are unlocking a door that opens possibilities for a rich land with a rich community which can be fruitful in time. There are too many villages and towns in the world which do not have access to clean drinking water, and this really is something that needs to change. It is entirely possible that, if we run out of fresh water to drink, we humans will find a way to harvest the ice in the caps and make them into drinking water.

–    Provide a free ticket to a good education until the age of 18. Every single child deserves to be well-read and educated. Without basic education to support a child’s future, a child would find it very hard to carry on in this world by itself if the child is alone. If children have an education, they can land stable jobs and make a future for themselves. Even now, in 2019, girls are reprimanded from receiving a decent education because of backward thinking and toxic masculinity.

–    Girls should be supported in all kinds of professions. They should be encouraged to pursue whichever field that they are interested in. Millions of girls are horribly subjected to child labor, abuse, child marriage, and even child trafficking. This needs to stop because girls can be very intelligent and skilled as well. They should be granted equal right as much as boys and must not be treated differently.


–    Girls must not feel neglected but must feel valued. Even now in countries like India, some families feel disheartened when they hear that they are having a female child.

–    Girls should feel valued and must not feel like a burden. It is certainly possible for a girl child to grow up and get a good job and take care of her family if need be; some families make a girl child feel useless and also like a burden, just because of the fact that they were born as a girl.

–    It is very important that people stop aborting a baby when they find out that it is a girl. Some may find it surprising to hear, but in many countries, they do this.

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